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Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies

            Damien Cave is trying to get across that Americans are becoming very materialistic. Everything is about the new trend and the new way to look. Everyone is trying to impress someone so they get the new "cool" clothes to fit in and not be judged. He also is explaining on how much advertisements are persuading our choices and altering the clothes that we wear and the decisions that we make. Lastly he points out that we are so fixed on products that we only talk about those in our conversations and don't have real conversations anymore. In the article "On Sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies!" Damien Cave explains that people are so drawn in by advertisements. That Ads are making influences on our daily lives on what we are going to wear and what we are going to do that day. He talks about how Americans are drawn in by the word "cool" and are so eager for acceptance that they have to go check out the new hottest clothes to wear. .
             I completely agree with Damien's claim that society is more materialistic now, because I see it all the time. When I go to the mall now I see the advertisements in the windows of shops and see the reactions that people have when they see them. They look over at their friends that they are with and say "You see that, they have the new Obey gear. I bet nobody has that yet and I know everyone is going to love that." I see it everyday where people have the same new shirts, because they are cool and they don't have any original ideas anymore. I also see this in my own household with my little brother. My brother is the best example of "being cool with what you wear". My brother has told me plenty of times that I need to buy better things/more expensive things if I wanted to fit in and be "cool". The only things he has talked to me about lately are the new clothes that have come out and how they will make him even cooler than he actually is.

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