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All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

            My job as a student is to persuade you that not only did I read "All Marketers are Liars" but am able to use the techniques the book was trying to teach us. In the next few paragraphs I am going to talk about what exactly I learned and how to tell a great story compared to an average story. After reading this paper you should not only be able to tell a great story but be able to make a great story that people are willing to hear and spread. So sit back and relax while I tell you what I learned. .
             What's the point of telling a story right? They are all the same right? Why tell a story if the product is extremely good and people are going to buy it anyway. The point of telling a story is to convince you the buyer that their product is not only worth buying but it's a matter of norm. You thinking the product is good without actually using it or needing it is effective marketing. Ask yourself this, is a cell phone that's worth hundreds of dollars more really worth the extra couple seconds of speed? Or is it that everyone else has one and you want to fit in with everyone else so you don't get judged. I mean hey who wants to be judged right? Effective marketing tells or shows a story to a target market that makes the consumer feel like they need it whether it is for convenience or necessity that they need. If the ad or picture works on you more than likely you are going to tell a friend about the article hoping they like it too. Hey what company doesn't like that right? Word of mouth is a company's best friend since it's free marketing.  .
             Now that we pretty much established that we need a great story to tell to bring people to our product or service, what makes a great story? Is it the colors that our eyes see that brings us in? Is it fancy print that makes us feel like it's a luxury item? Or maybe better yet we see a celebrity we like or admire so we trust in them to like the product as well.

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