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Research Paper - Memory

            The brain acts as a codebook for the human mind: regulating the essential functions of the human mind. Every brain displays unique and special characteristics. Having more than 100 billion neurons that form an estimate of 200 trillion interconnections, these variations initiate the way each brain thinks, learns, and behaves. The ability to learn from our past experiences allows a person to adapt to this complex world. Neuroscientists have attempted to unravel how the brain manages to make these vivid memories that replay through our mind as we continue to grow. A conclusion has been reached that our brain help us transform experiences into ideas and knowledge in a person's life. We all have vivid memories from our childhood, or a recent as yesterday, that still remain in our hearts and mind. Why is it that we can remember unnecessary things that torture our mind and forget those that are special and heartwarming? Memories serve as a guide of our past that helps a person through every problem they encounter when in need of help. Memories are like scars. Some are so small, but yet they always seem to stay with us. Why we remember certain details over others is still a mystery that remains unknown till this day. As a person gains more experience throughout their life, there exists a possibility of false formation. Certain memories are just in the mind: there origin is considered unknown. This type of conclusion is highly common among those who suffer from traumatic experiences such as abuse, mental illness, and violence. Trauma victims are susceptible to false memories very commonly. These false recollections can be exceedingly significant: many researchers have found this system as the leading cause to false convictions. Many people are highly unaware of the fact that false memories exist more commonly than they are aware of. Memories alter and revise in small amounts almost every time we remember something.

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