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Movie Analysis - The Black Stallion

            The Black Stallion is a movie about a small boy and a black horse that communicate to an extreme level. The horse saved the boy's life when the cruise ship they were on sank. In doing so, the horse paddled its way to shore, and the boy held on. They were stranded on an island all alone, just the two of them. The movie The Black Stallion demonstrates a deep, dark, and sad mood through music, dialogue, and setting.
             Music plays a key role in the deep, dark, sadness of the movie. As the ship sank, the music started to rumble, and the beat was very low-toned. The music started to beat faster and faster, which as a viewer of the movie, made my heart beat faster as well. When Alec and the horse were stranded on the island, it started to rain and he looked very scared and sad. The music that is being played during that scene makes it even more sad, because it is gloomy, and very low pitched. It almost felt like the music was as lonely as Alec was. I believe the movie would not be able to show sadness without music.
             Dialogue doesn't play much of a role in this movie, but there are a couple different ways communication plays a sad role in the movie. During the scene when the ship had begun to sink, Alec screamed bloody-murder because he wanted to reconnect with his dad that he couldn't see, because it was dark out. I believe that that was a very key part of the sadness described in this movie. Alec also dove into the water to get seaweed because that's the only thing they could find to eat while they are stranded all alone. I believe that it was sad that to survive, Alec had to eat nasty seaweed because it was the only thing he could find. .
             The setting affects the deep and dark mood in a few different ways. While people scrambled to get off the ship that went down, Alec screamed and yelled for his father who he couldn't find, and he lost his father in the tragic accident. To add to the tragic death, he was stranded on an island all alone with nothing to eat but seaweed, and no one knew where he was.

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