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Battle1066.com Website Review

            Looking through a wide array of websites on Medieval England, the one that caught my attention was Battle1066.com. The Site makes great attempt to tell the history of England from first Invasion of the Romans up till the Battle of Hastings. The site is made for everyday amateur Historian who is interested in learning a bit about England's history during the middle ages. Though site doesn't come off as great site with black background and pixelated graphics, the information is well formatted with information. The site creator Glen Ray Crack tries be as unbiased as he can being that he is of English origin. The site creator is resident of town of battle which few miles near Hastings and is able to provide photographs of the site today.
             The site seems to target those interested in English history before the and up till the Norman Conquest of England. The Audience being those who are enthusiast of medieval England history or maybe some amateur historians. The site also shows photos of Reenactors which leads me to believe site run by someone in the reenactment community in England. This gives me the notion that site doesn't have one set target audience and could be used by wide arrange of ages, but to be able find it you would need to be looking for something on the Norman conquest and be interested in it.
             The Site appears to be reliable it gives a chronological order of things from different groups such as romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and the faith (Christianity). It gives well detail description and list of kings of Wessex and England from Alfred the Great to William the Conqueror. Then gives you a brief summary of why the Battle of Hastings happened, and then links to overview of King Harold's Battle Force and Duke Williams battle Force. Then provides whole analysis of buildup to the battle and battle of itself along with the aftermath of the battle. The next link provides analysis of what happen during the Normans Rule, how it affected the England forever, what changed and what didn't change.

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