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Evaulation on a Unreal Tournament 2004 Review

             The author Sal Accardo, a reviewer for the dot-com website, "GameSpy", recently reviewed a hot new game, Unreal Tournament 2004. Below is a summary of the complete article. Following the summary, there will be an evaluation of the articles' contents, how well it's written, who the intended audience is, the readibilty of the article and credibilty. .
             Eighteen months ago, two highly anticipated games were released: Epic's, Unreal Tournament 2003 and EA Games', Battlefield 1942. Both were supposed to be the cream of the crop for online mayhiem, but Battlefield 1942 was crowned the new king of online gaming Fast forward to this year, back with a vengeance, UT 2004 (Unreal Tournament 2004) comes out swinging to take that title away. Boasting many new features and plenty of new content, UT 2004 looks to pack a serious punch. Will it be enough to overthrow the king of online gaming? Read on and find out. Arguably the centerpiece of UT 2004 has to be the new mode, "Onslaught". In this mode, players battle for vital power nodes. This is necessary in order to make a chain to destroy their enemy's main power core. Action is often centered around one or two nodes, which makes for a very interesting battle. In addition of drivable vehicles, "Onslaught" looks to be by far the best mode in the game. UT 2004 marks the return of "Assault", an objective based team mode introduced in the original game. Returning with a bang, the "Assualt" mode offers six maps, which all vary in different ways. "Onslaught" and "Assualt" modes alone would be worth the price of admission, but this is only half of what is in store. Returning from last year's installment are tried and true modes like: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run, Capture the Flag, and Double Domination. Epic allows players to battle each other online, but for people without an internet connections, Epic has inculded A.I.opponents. Make no mistake, these bots are quite capable, and act more like humans than A.

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