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Business Assessment - Apple Consumer Behaviour

            This discussion refers to consumer behavior theory that is applied in the above commercial. Apple is targeting the personal consumer which not only buys for themselves but for friends and family also. Personal consumers have been also referred to as the end user. These personal consumers have a high level of involvement due to the fact that their need for the apple watch is constantly being used for everyday life situations (Schiffman & O'Cass & Paladino & Bednall 2014, p. 4-26).
             The need for recognition refers to the number of uses the apple watch provides to create satisfaction for the need or purpose the consumer requires. It also triggers others to suggest the need for the apple watch by creating a trend. .
             Pre-Purchase is when the consumer relies on word of mouth from whom they come in contact with such as acquaintances, friends and family. Apple has increased pre-purchase by showing product variety, situational factors such as usage to suit consumers of all social cultures (Schiffman & O'Cass & Paladino & Bednall 2014, p. 486-526). .
             Evaluation of alternatives is how the consumer is having a relationship management of interaction with the apple watch. By doing this Apple has proven their product is a long term commitment purchase. The apple watch is purely based on emotional motives. Why? Apple has used this commercial with consumers to influence other consumers by displaying the benefits of the product so it increases the will to buy. But also Apple could be creating the need for the consumer especially if the consumer sees it as a want more than a need (Schiffman & O'Cass & Paladino & Bednall 2014, p. 74-103).
             The commercial is also displaying brand personality showing how the product suits each different lifestyle of each individual consumer. Therefore, the product and its services is creating a sensory input or another words a physical appearance by influencing the consumers eyes by displaying the features of the apple watch to stand out with the use of the halo effect or another words bright colors and 3D images.

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