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Business Case Study - Regency Grand Hotel

            The case which our group is going to evaluate is about five-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The Regency Grand Hotel was established 15 years ago by group of investors. The hotel management consists of a Thai general manager with 700 employees. In short span of time it multiplied prestigious goodwill in market for its luxury and generous services. .
             Our group will consider following things while evaluating case of "The Regency Grand Hotel," Case Background, Problem Categorization, Recommendations and Solutions, Implementation, Application of Theories. .
             Case Background:.
             The Regency Grand Hotel was property of the Thai investors having Thai General Manager and seven hundred employees. Customers' friendly environment made this hotel as one of Bangkok's most prestigious hotels. On the other hand, The Regency Grand Hotel always appreciated trustworthiness and efficiency of employees. After 15 years, Regency Grand was sold to large American hotel chain. When American Hotel Chain announced acquisition of The Regency Grand, the then General Manager decided to take early retirement and he was substituted by Mr. John Becker. Some other employees were also shifted and upgraded from their positions. After the acquisition of hotel, the American authorities decided to make reforms such as more employee empowerment. They also introduced American style of management against the Thai management. This decision improved the efficiency level of workers but caused many uncertainties as well as extra burden. One of their steps was distribution of power towards lower level staff. With the passage of time, employees got confused about major and minor decisions and in return the confidence of employees went down. This scenario confused the manager and he started to get angry over consuming his time for minor decisions. Many employees resigned and the level of stress increased. As a result the ratio of absentees increased.

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