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My Perspective on Women's Rights

             I'm just a teenage girl, 16 years of age, doing this as a class assignment. I honestly don't know whether or not you will be reading this, but if you do I really hope at the end I have made you see the world in a different light. In the perspective that I see the world. I am a feminist and a very strong believer to equal rights. I know that female rights are a really big topic right now and I am sure that you have heard a lot about it. But I believe that when a teenage girl has chosen to write about inequality and feels that such thing will affect her life choices, then it should be taken as a notice that there is something wrong with our society. Women struggle through so much, such as over-sexualization, women censorship, rape victim blame, and of course the wage gap between women and men. Yet though this has been happening for so long, nothing has changed. .
             Over sexualization of the female body. Women seen as objects. How will this affect younger girls? Women hyper-sexualization is both objectifying women and teaching younger girls that it's ok to be property but it is also setting standards for those younger girls of how they should look and be. Often thoughts are less clothing is what makes women sexualized but this isn't fully true. In a study made by PBS it was found that "exposure of body parts is usually coded high for sexualization, but does not always register. In the absence of other traits, a woman wearing a bathing suit might not be coded as a sex object while a fully clothed woman in a suggestive pose could be considered a sex object." Children are exposed to so much now because of social medias and technology which causes them to encounter such images. Young girls are influenced by such pictures because they believe that these standards are their standards that this is how they should look. Vogue magazine uses premature models ages from 10-16 and sexualizes them placing them in suggestive poses.

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