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Pushing Yourself Too Hard

            Most of us want to be skinny, beautiful, and sexy, so sometimes we use different products from TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards etc., but most of the time they do not yield the same results in real life, yet we do crazy things just to be accepted by others. According to Rachel Drevno in her essay "Pop Culture Is Destroying True Beauty", we live in a society that supposedly prides itself on individuality and uniqueness but then turns around and promotes a popular culture that relies heavily on uniformity and a set of ideal standards. I agree with her because, there should be no standards to follow. If we continue to see beauty as a carbon copy of our cultural ideal, the true meaning of beauty will die.
             Drevno says that, "Every year men and women spend absurd amounts of money on products that promise to make them beautiful, skinny, or physically enhanced in some way"(69). Some of these have some damaging effects on our body instead of making them skinny and beautiful; other products have bad side effects on our body when we take them. Some examples are steroids, supplements, facial products and skin products that promise that you will become sexy, and beautiful or to have big muscles. We need to be very careful of choosing and using these products because some of them will not promise you the results that you want, and sometimes other products will cause worse results. To be safe, we should not buy and use these kind of products that will affect our physical body. Therefore, we can save absurd amounts of money, so we can spend for healthy food to become healthy. "Other people starve themselves, or throw up everything they eat, because pop culture tells them they aren't worthy unless they look perfect" (Drevno 69).
             People reach a point where they dislike everything about themselves. Lack of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem, so they want to use some other products to become sexy and beautiful like the images of women and men from billboards just to be accept by the society.

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