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The Dangers of Crossfit

            Ever since I was fifteen, I have been following the most popular fitness trends ranging from pure body building to the world renowned P90X, but I have never encountered a more polarizing fitness trend than CrossFit. Having gone from 250 gyms to more than 10,000 gyms, CrossFit has definitely made a name for itself over the past couple of years and has caught the attention of a wide variety of people including elite martial artists, professional athletes, and even military special operation units. So what makes CrossFit so special? Aside from it being a cult of its own, CrossFit is an extremely intense exercise program that incorporates a mix of dynamic and functional exercises such as plyometric box jumps, kettlbell swings, and advanced Olympic lifts. These intense workouts are usually only 30 minutes long but require maximum physical exertion. In fact, functional movements combined with maximal intensity are the cornerstone of CrossFit and that's what makes it unique. Despite CrossFit's massive success and innovation, there is still an ongoing debate about whether CrossFit is dangerous. There's no question that CrossFit is extremely dangerous because most CrossFit trainers do not possess the experience and knowledge to be teaching complex movements, they advocate the "no pain, no gain" mentality, and CrossFit is prone to causing injuries, not to mention rhabdomyolysis.
             You would assume that CrossFit trainers have to be highly certified in strength and conditioning to teach people how to perform dynamic exercises and Olympic lifts but what I found was shocking. According to the article "Crossfit: The Good versus the Bad," Jason Makenoff states that "Crossfit presents danger more often than not when unqualified coaches fail to ensure technical mastery of complex movement. With no background in training or coaching (in fact, without ever having picked up a weight previously), you can be certified as a Crossfit trainer by attending a two day certification and passing a test" [Makenoff].

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