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Placing Taxes on Junk Food

            Junk food is a proven killer Sean Appleby is a prime example. Sean was diagnosed as obese at the tender age of thirteen and died at the age of eighteen in his bed. His premature death was a glaring reminder of the horrendous effects junk food has on your body. I believe there should be a worldwide junk food tax on fat and sugar-laden foods and soft drinks. It would help reduce the obesity epidemic and improve our general health. Subsidies would need to be put in place to render the healthier foods more accessible to the working class individual. Declining public health has been a great concern since the fifties, it is rapidly deteriorating, and we must do something about it sooner rather than later for the good of the human race. .
             Over the last few decade chronic heart disease, diabetes and other obesity-related diseases have been on the rise, and this is partly a result of the food many of us eat. Obesity is a rising problem in many nations throughout the world; nearly two-thirds of British adults are reported to be overweight, with thirty-six percent of these obese. (Campbell, 2012)Obesity and related issues, such as heart disease and diabetes, cost the world billions of dollars annually that we could be using for other purposes such as improving our environment or providing essentials for the third world countries. Not only are the burgers and fries causing the massive health problems, beverages that are so-called "vitamin infused" such as Vitamin Water and Red Bull have nearly as much sugar than Coke (Robbins, 2011). The increasing consumption of these foods and beverages contribute to the dramatic rise in diseases related to obesity. They will continue to skyrocket even more rapidly if there isn't major action taken. .
             A solution to our rapidly decreasing health is right in front of us; it is simply to be mindful of what is in the foods we eat on a daily basis and keep better track of our health.

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