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The Development of Rock and Roll

            The everlasting development of Rock and Roll throughout the years of the twentieth century was like an everlasting lasting wave that kept picking new bands up in the process of time. From the start of music bands that played Blues music like Muddy Watters, then changed all the way through the years to music that the Baby Boomer generation was going to like. The first music genre to emerge first in The Mississippi Delta and that was called the Blues. With the Mississippi Delta being one of the most Richest cotton growing area in the nation (Powerpoint). The people that worked on the cotton fields entertained themselves by singing tunes, which then started the form of blues music. Robert Johnson was one of the most influential blues singers to ever play. At first Robert was not that good of a musician. Rumor has it that he went to a location called the Crossroads and proceed to make a deal with the devil to trade his soul for all time great musical talent. Many believe this rumor because shortly after that event he came out with a song titled "Crossroads" and the lyrics imply his journey that he just took to meet the devil. After this event he proceeded to start making hit after hit that all of the people that liked Blues music loved every song Robert Johnson came out with. amazingly he made all of these hits in the span of only two years. what was truly odd about it though was the way Johnson died. The year 1938 was the first year robert johnson did not record any records because all of the sudden he vanished, nobody knows his cause of death and nobody knows where he is truly buried at.
             As soon as the 1940's came around the transition to rhythm and Blues became the most popular music across America. The term "Rhythm and Blues" originally was coined by record labels to categorize black musicians making black music. These people that listened to this music was about to be labeled the "Working Class".

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