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Tim Wise and Racial Issues: Q&A

             How does Tim Wise define whiteness and how does his definition differ from a strictly biological definition?.
             Tim Wise defines whiteness more with an emphasis on exterior features. Whiteness focuses more on the color of one's skin, in this case, the light skin of a white man. With this skin color, some privileges characterize this it. In a sense, it is a community. Biologically speaking, whiteness is characterized a particular set of genes passed on to offspring that may give an individual the appearance of what society classifies as white. Whiteness is not seen as being part of some community in this aspect, but more of the makeup of one's genes.
             2. Discuss privilege, oppression, and power regarding race. What are some other privileged identities in our society other than whiteness?.
             Depending on an individual's race, which acts as categories for people to be grouped in, is characterized by certain qualities. Being a part of the white community grants you white privilege, something that minorities do not possess. This privilege helps whites get jobs with power, better treatment from officers, and even better treatment within stores. Races that are associated with minorities are generally oppressed compared to their white counterparts. Minorities, particularly the African American community, have been oppressed, not given the same treatment or given fair opportunities compared to the majority. Other than white privilege, there is also male privilege. Males are paid more on average compared to women and are generally taken more serious in an office environment.
             3. Give an example of how someone in a privileged group might experience life differently than someone not in that group.
             Hypothetically, let us just say a black man walked into a gas station to buy something to drink. As he is walking through the aisles, he feels as if he was being watched. Turning around, the man notices that one of the workers is following, most likely to see if the black man will shoplift.

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