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Plot and Themes of Fahrenheit 451

            The story is set in a futuristic America where firemen do not put out fires but start them where socializing is considered odd and television is taking over people's minds and more importantly reading books is a crime. Guy Montag the main character of the book is a firefighter living day to day wounding whether he makes the right dissection in becoming a firefighter. The book makes anyone ask the question what would happen if it was a crime to read books and if socializing is odd. At the rate technology is going this book is becoming more and more real. .
             In part one of Fahrenheit 451 the Hearth and the salamander we are introduced to Guy Montag a firefighter doing his duty burning houses that have book in them. After a long day of work he comes home to his wife Millie who is taking over by television and does not want to talk to Montag but instead watch the three wall televisions they have installed. A new neighbor has moved in next to Millie and Montag house. Clarisse McClellan is the daughter of the family that has moved in and she is found to be odd and so does her whole family. As Montag walks to work he is confronted with Clarisse and she talks about how the world should be how everyone should socialize. Clarisse is a lover of life and nature she enjoys the rain and being outside instead of watching television. As Montag keeps talking to Clarisse she makes him realize if he truly is happy. As Montag continues his days as a fireman he thinks of what Clarisse has said to him. One day while at work the firemen get a call to burn a house, upon arrival there is a lady who refuses to leave the house as decided to be burned with her books Montag is shocked by her actions. Later that night he comes home and Millie informs Montag that the McLellan's have moved because Clarisse got hit by a high speed car. This makes Montag not come into work and his boss, Beatty comes over to visit the "sick" Montag.

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