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Lennie and George - Of Mice and Men

            In the book of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, a story about two workingmen named Lennie and George, who overcome many hindrances together. They've traveled and worked a variety off places and have lived together for quite a while. After a while of Lennie's constant behavior, he starts getting out of control, and George takes matters into his hands. By evaluating all the possible reasons for doing what he did, I came to the conclusion that George did the right thing by killing Lennie. .
             George acted out of kindness to his friend because he knows how Curley would torture Lennie to the point of death and then shoot him and George doesn't want Lennie to die in pain, especially with Curley that will just scare Lennie and upset him even more. This act of vulgarity can lead into a massive disorder for Lennie and a problem for George for not knowing what was up. They had an unbreakable bond and cared so deeply about one another. George wasn't thinking of himself when he decided to kill Lennie, this was also the right thing to do for himself. For a period of years George has had to protect Lennie from every harm that came his way. They had to run from place to place, a new story every time and it doesn't benefit him at all. With the death of Lennie, George has a weight lifted off his shoulders. He will be able to maintain a steady job, have enough money at the end of each month to go into town for whiskey. Everything they have been talking about for years, he would finally be able too achieve it. He's lived a life devoted to Lennie and after a while of that, its safe too say that he deserves to commit the rest of his life to his dreams of making it big. By ending Lennies life the way he did, that restricted someone else from killing him in a way that would hurt him even more, or be left to rot in a cell. Lennie wouldn't be able to look at himself properly. Lennie couldn't look after a puppy, let alone himself.

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