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Movie Summary - Up in the Air

            The two methods used to deliver bad news in "Up in the Air" are over a computer and face-to-face. The character Ryan Bingham had no problem giving bad news. He was cut, dry and to the point. He was able to give bad news to anyone in either method. He gave the message the way his job delegated him to. The other character, Natalie Keener developed the over a computer method. At first she was gung-ho but when it came down to actually following through she became soft. The over a computer method has its strengths and weaknesses. One of its strengths would be the fact that it gets the job done. No one has to deal with the emotions involved. A weakness to that is the fact that it appears cold and impersonal. A lot of traveling is done in the movie and a strength it has is no one has to travel. It can be done anywhere and the stress of travel is cut. But if you like the travel aspect of the job you are at a loss when that is cut, as Ryan Bingham was in the movie.
             A strength to the face-to-face method is that it is more personal. A weakness lies in that though. Being face-to-face with the person receiving the bad news can be hard. Dealing with the emotions that they may have and not breaking under the pressure can be hard especially when you are supposed to be straight to the point, as the rules in the movie go. However, consoling the person has its strengths and weaknesses. The point of delivering the bad news in the movie is to do it and get it done. Consoling someone isn't cut and dry. It gives into the emotions and can drag down the whole process. However, being able to reassure someone that everything will be okay may ease the tone and the emotions, but it is still giving in. Ryan Bingham is good at his job. He delivers bad news for a living and doesn't cave into the emotions that often arise because he doesn't allow them to penetrate his shallow heart. He prides himself in the fact that he can do his job with ease and precision.

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