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Children and the Challenges of Starting School

            In early childhood, children require some considerations to growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. One of these considerations is to evaluate each child individually and create activities appropriate to his or her developmental level. The most important areas of development that must be emphasized are social, personal and emotional skills, as well as academic skills such as mathematics, literacy, expressive arts, and design. .
             In this essay I will be discussing the E219-15J module themes in relation to the Telegraph article written by Liz Bayram. I will be discussing some of the challenges that children face when they start school, I will find and use relevant material and relate this information to Liz Bayram's claims in the Telegraph article. I will discuss how separation anxiety can affect both children and parents when beginning school, how peers and teachers play an important role in shaping children's personal, social, emotional and academic development. I will explain the importance of communication between parents, teachers, and children both at and away from school including the benefits of positive parent-teacher relationships.
             In the early years, children experience a number of new situations which can be both positive and negative. For many children, school is one of these new situations that involve major changes in their daily lives and routines. Feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or even fear, may emerge in children caused by the unfamiliar situations they may encounter. Separation is one of these new experiences both for the parent/caretaker and the child. When beginning school, they may find it difficult to leave each other's side, they experience, and face separate and different situations without the physical presence of one another. In order to help families with these changes, many schools have adopted a curriculum called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

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