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            Education is on the forefront in society today because there is a challenge that many educators are up against in trying to better educate our youth. While our communities are stricken with violence and drugs, many of our youth today do not have a positive example to follow. At the same time our schools are in need of dedicated individuals who are ready to fight against the obstacles that plague our youth. Through experience working with children and young adults, I have become to understand how hard it is for them to be interested in school when many come to school hungry, tired, unmotivated, abused and fed up with a system that seems as if it does not care. We must begin to show our young children that we care and love them because many times they may not be shown that affection at home. .
             Education is not only about books and tests and classrooms. It is about an exchange of knowledge that creates better citizens for a better tomorrow. It is important that education be our number one priority when it comes to our youth because they are our future and once they get a quality education, no one can take that away from them. Many tax dollars and revenue seem to go to sports and lottery, and less of our money seems to be going into the education system. While schools are closing and many become overcrowded, our children are not getting the quality education that is entitled to them. For this reason we need more advocates of education, more dedicated and qualified teachers, and more parent involvement in the education of their children. .
             As teachers we must be willing to accept the challenges before us. So many of our youth are below reading and math levels, are not able to comprehend, or are not able to read at all. They are seen as numbers and tests scores and not individuals. Who is to blame for this in our education system? The finger can not be pointed at one person, but if we as educators take some responsibility for what is happening to our youth, then we are one step closer to solving the problem.

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