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The Importance of Showing Initiative

            What is initiative? One definition of the word is the ability to assess and initiate things independently. Another would the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. When used correctly taking the initiative can move help a person move mountains if needed for the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step as the saying goes. Still like with most a little personal courage is needed to take that step. .
             Here is an example of distrust that eventually leads to the tragic end of a girl's life. The protagonists of this tale were partners in arms and were facing a killer robot. The boy had a secret ability to rend space that he could have used to aid in the destruction of the automaton. He knew if he'd used it he would have been able to deal significant amounts of damage to the machine maybe even destroy it, but he was not sure this was information he wanted to provide to his partner since he knew she did not trust him as much either. Resolving to fight using his normal combat skills, the pair fought off the robot and eventually won. Unfortunately while they were still singing their praises, the robot still hell bent on destroying them charged up an energy beam. Noticing the attack before he did the girl pushed him out of the way while taking the hit intended for him.
             Reviewing the contents of the story, he knew they were faced with a dire situation but instead of taking the initiative and being the first trust the other with his secret abilities, he chose to play it safe and not use it guarding his secret. In guarding his secret he brought about the untimely death of his partner. Another example would something like this, Mrs. Prior hired a new butler she just met that day on a whim. She also did this without informing Mr. Prior. Later that day when Mr. Prior came home he noticed the new figure within his home. He then moved to question the man clean wondering who he was.

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