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Hotels and Protecting Patron Safety and Privacy

            There are hotels located all around the world, which means that there are hundreds and thousands of guests and patrons visiting and staying at those hotels. Patrons can visit a hotel to use its facilities, like dining in a restaurant at the hotel, or it can be a guest who is using the hotel as their overnight accommodation. Some hotel guests travel for business, while some travel for leisure. Whatever their reason for traveling may be, guests travel with an abundant amount of possessions and valuables. In most cases, stays at a hotel with go without incident, but on occasions incidents do arise, for example instances where guests' property were lost, damage or stolen. In those cases, is the guest held liable or is the hotel at fault?.
             Hotel thefts are more common than rare. Crimes common in hotels are an industry wide problem, and the criminals have grown more clever and complex over the years. Many hotel thieves are very good at what they do, and many can even be considered as professionals. They often register at the hotel that they intend to commit the crimes at. The thieves seek out money, credit cards, jewelry and other valuable items. Some thieves also seek to steal the identities of unsuspecting guests staying at the property. There have also been instances where thieves would exchange money for confidential information with the employees of the hotel like, bartenders and maids. Many thieves nowadays do not even carry weapons.
             While hotel thieves have evolved over the years, so have the security systems of hotels. The systems have become more technologically advanced, and it has helped lessen the crimes committed at the hotels. Hotels have developed numerous strategies to decrease the amount of hotel thefts.

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