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Definition Essay - A Good Friend

            Do you really know the meaning of a good friend? "Good friends are like stars. You do not always see them, but you know they are always there!" On the surface, different people can have their own meaning about what a good friend is. In fact, a good friend means something different for everybody. However, for me, a good friend is someone who supports you, advises you, and never judges you. .
             To begin with, support is one of the most important things that a good friend needs to have and offer. Good friends are those who are always there whenever you need help. For instance, they are the ones who support you not just in good times, but in bad ones, too. If you are going through a difficult time and you are having problems, a good friend will always support and help you. Furthermore, these kind of friends are the ones who support your decisions in times of confusion. For example, if you are getting bad grades, they will support any decision you take, either dropping the class or continuing until the final. Therefore, it is very positive to have a good friend. This person will always encourage you, making you feel happy. .
             Secondly, a good friend is considered a person who advises you all the time. As well as supporting you and your decisions, a good friend also gives you advises. Essentially, these people will always suggest you what to do in difficult situations, and they will suggest you the best choices. They also tend to make you understand when some things are wrong. For example, if you are missing too many classes, they will recommend you not to continue doing it, and they will tell you the reasons and the consequences about that. However, if you are doing things well, good friends will also congratulate you. Thus, it is important to realize that a good friend is just a person who wishes the best for you in life. .
             Finally, a good friend is someone who never judges you in life. Good friends are those who tell you whatever they have to tell you, even if you do not want to listen it, they will tell you the bad things that you are doing.

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