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Dual Language Analysis - Parisian Culture Texts

            Reading these texts, it's easy to spot immediate differences in contextual factors, such as purpose, as well as similarities between some of the topics mentioned and the styles used when describing Paris. Text A, the 'Paris City Guide' is what it says, an informative guide highlighting the Narrators most loved features and attractions of Parisian culture and of the City itself. It offers a rather impersonal account of Paris, not using personal pronouns like 'I' when sharing information, making each opinion sound more factual and less like an actual opinion. This is completely different to Text B, which offers a more personal, wholly opinionated account from the first person point of view of Anna. Using many personal accounts of experiences had in Paris, and using them to build a picture of Paris to the audience.
             One difference between the texts is the purpose. Text A, being a City Guide, aims to give tourists some ideas of what Paris has to offer, using subject-specific lexis such as 'Champs-Elysees' and 'arrondissements' to demonstrate the Narrators topic knowledge, and show to the audience that they can trust what the Narrator is telling them. Text B however, has an extremely less formal register, with use of fillers such as 'erm' and frequent breath pauses. This implies that the speech was not scripted, unlike Text A, and that the audience and purpose is somewhat different too. Text B, being unscripted, has much less smooth transitions between topics, the narrator says 'erm (1) and let's see (1)', before moving on to her next topic of 'travel' as if she is reading from a list of topics. This could show that her narration is for a piece of school work, where she has been tasked to talk about their favorite city, or just to show to people who want to visit Paris. The setting of Text A, from the use of music, to 'written text across screen' is shown to be a video, which makes use of visual and audio effects to move smoothly between topics, and also add a little French culture to the video, with use of 'French style' music.

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