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             As we enter the beginning stages of the new millennium, the rate of industrialization is increasing at a remarkable rate. New technologically advanced products enter the market faster than ever before, and the industrial economy is booming. This high pace development and great breakthroughs are geared towards making the everyday lives of the people easier and better. However, the method of achieving this goal also manages to destroy the environment in the process. As industrialized countries continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyles and maintain their perception as virtual icons, many developing countries are also trying to achieve the same standard of living created by the first world nations. It is at this time, when all parts of the world decide to try to better themselves by reaching new standards of living, that the environment begins to deteriorate at a quicker rate: " the environmental problems [are] brought about by rapid industrialization." (Kipliniger 1989, 91). This need for "economic growth is not compatible with preserving our environment." (Conen 1993, 6). The environmental implications alone have left its mark on the earth's condition. The staggering fact is that the planet can no longer sustain the rate of development. The problems caused through industrialization have resulted in catastrophic environmental implications seen through the rising pollution rates, land degradation, and resource exploitation by first world nations. .
             The rate of development continues to increase, thus causing pollution to become more apparent and severe. This is because as countries begin to industrialize in order to better themselves, they start to produce large amounts of waste that they do not know how to dispose of: "Society not only "imports" resources from the environment; it also "exports" waste and pollution back to it." (Cohen 1993, 15). When countries try to get ahead, they have to use the newest technology or machinery in order for them to succeed in their goal of economic stability.

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