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Propaganda and Freedom of Speech

            Propaganda is "iInformation, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view." Or in other words, manipulation of power made to think a certain cause will benifit others when it is most comonly an act of selfishness. Whether we realize it or not, propaganda is used everywhere around us. It's hidden within catchy slogans promoting feminism and telling us that if we women unite then "we can do it". It's behind the scenes of our favourite TV shows muttering the words "bread and circuses" over and over. It bombards social media with the opinions of over 3 billion users wanting you to agree with their beliefs. This world is being asphyxiated by the controlling will of propaganda.
             November 9th, 1921. Just five days after the Battle of the Hall where fewer than fifty SA Men had beaten back more than 400 communists and Jews who had tried to disrupt Hitler's speech in the Festival Hall of the Hofbrauhaus. Hitler addressed a gathering of SA Men and told them: "For us there are only two possiblities: either we remain German or we come under the thumb of the Jews. This latter must not occur; even if we are small, we are a force. A well-organized group can conquer a strong enemy. If you stick close together and keep bringing in new people, we will be victorious over the Jews." Hitler had used his words to objectify the Jewish race, seeing them only as a pest needed to be rid of. He managed to convince his country that the Jews were responsible for huge events like losing world war one and the economic crisis. He convinced them that the only solution to all their problems was to banish the Jews from society. Hitler used propaganda to broadcast the Nazi message through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials, and the press. Once the message had been heard, Hitler got lost within the power. Thus resulting to the banning and burning of jewish books and stores, and more famously known, the traumitizing event, the holocaust.

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