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Methods for Continuing Academic Success

            Academic success has different meanings to different people. It could mean to pass one class with a good grade to one person, or graduating with a degree to another. Regardless of what it means to you, there are steps to take to achieve it. Achieving academic success means staying motivated, maintaining a schedule, taking the time to study, creating educational goals, and always keeping academic integrity. By following these steps, you are sure to reach your academic goals. .
             Staying Motivated.
             The first step to continuing academic success is staying motivated. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to do something, and especially to continue to stay motivated. It is easy to procrastinate and forget about your schoolwork. Setting aside time for hobbies can keep you from getting burnt out on your schoolwork. You should not quit doing the things you love; instead you can make time for both hobbies and schoolwork. Another way to find motivation, or to stay motivated would be to look at your family. Having support and encouragement from your family can help you to push yourself and do better in school. For example, I use my son and my husband for motivation. I want to make my son proud of me and to be a good example for him. I want him to see me excel and strive to do the same for him. I also look to my husband for motivation. He motivates me by reminding me of the reasons why I am in school and helps me when I do not know what I am doing on an assignment. Lastly, I remember my career goal of owning a small business to keep me on track to achieve academic success. .
             Maintaining a Schedule.
             In addition to staying motivated, it is also important to maintain a schedule. It can be hard to get everything you need to do done, especially when you add children into the mix. Creating a schedule can help you ensure that you have time to do everything you need to do. Maintaining a schedule does not necessarily mean doing everything at a specific time each day.

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