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Research Paper - Air Strike Weapons

            Weapon advancement is like a friendship; they keep growing and with that growth they keep getting better. There are many improved air strike weapons used throughout the military. On aircrafts there have been many system upgrades as technology enhances. Bombs, missiles, rockets, and many other weapons are used to fight back our foes in war. The HMMWV (Humvee) and many other land vehicles have been improved (Fishkin). Many guns have been improved such as, the .50 Caliber pistol (PEO Soldier). Some of the guns have been around for awhile; whereas, others have not. Military weapon advancements have taken place over the last five years and have not only improved the army, but changed the way the army fights. .
             Air strike weapons have been improved due to the growing technology. The Phased Array Tracking Intercept Of Target (Patriot) Missile Launching System (MIM-104) is a missile launcher. The Patriot is able to use sixteen missiles at a time due to an upgrade (Fishkin). Raytheon is the company that is upgrading the Patriot (US Army). The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is an aircraft that is used to attack ground targets and provide air defense (Fishkin). The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet's upgraded version is the Boeing F/A-18 Advanced Super Hornet. Two of the main upgrades of the Boeing F/A-18 Advanced Super Hornet are enclosed weapons pod under the fuselage and a new surface coating (Military and Civilian). The cockpit is going to have more touch screen displays. The Army will have to get used to touch screen displays in order to fly the aircraft. For some soldiers this will be hard to adapt to because they are not used to the new technology. For other soldiers it will be easier to adapt to because they were born with it. .
             Bombs, missiles, and rockets have played a big part in many wars. The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is a roadside bomb (Ure). The IED is used to kill soldiers from the opposition.

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