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Why I'm Applying to Penn State

            *Although I had heard people talking about motors and other stuff, it was in 4th grade, while watching a documentary on discovery channel, when , for the first time, the word "motor" bogged me down, compelling me to know more about it. I came back home and googled it. My mind had hitherto confined itself to envisioning a small piece of metal used in remote controlled cars. I took apart my radio-controlled car to understand its working. My grandfather, who is a mechanical engineer, by profession, triggered my inquisitiveness, by taking a battery and connecting it to the motor. My favorite car with which I used to play endlessly was replaced by a small part of it. I still remember trying to devise different models using motors. I made a small elevator using motors. I connected it directly to the switchboard without much knowledge of the voltage at which it should be operated and boom!! My house was filled with a stench similar to that of a burning piece of charcoal. Instead of deterring me, these failures, however, encouraged me to learn more about machines. The interest persists. Even now, my favorite past time is messing around with the old radio at home or the microwave oven, in the hope of discovering.
             This enthusiasm, instead of fading with time, has risen itself into obsession for knowing more about mechanical systems. The Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics (MEAM) program at Penn best serves my purpose. In addition to learning the theory that works behind gizmos, my experiences at the laboratory will provide me with practical knowledge that, in addition to fulfilling my spirit of enquiry, will prepare me for solving problems in mechanics that might be useful to me in future. Instructional laboratories at Penn such as the student project lab and the undergraduate experimentation lab will provide me with a platform to make new and exciting discoveries, be it something that is included in the curriculum, or as a part of extracurricular activities.

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