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            Penn State University and University of Miami.
             Since I am in my senior year of high school looking at colleges is essential for my future. When looking at different colleges and universities there are some things to look for, such as costs and admission, what kind of student life they have, if they offer the major and courses needed to succeed in a certain career. I have chosen to compare two universities", Penn State and University of Miami. Although they are located in different states, they offer many of the same educational opportunities and experiences. .
             College's prices vary from there location to the number of students attending that year. Since Penn State is a state university, it offers two different prices of admission, those who live in the state to those who are living outside the state. For students living in Pennsylvania the cost of admission runs about the same for each university, around $9,400 per year. Non Pennsylvania residents however are almost double the original price and go from anywhere from $18,900 to $13,500 depending on what Penn State college being attended. Penn State University has 24 campuses across the state of Pennsylvania. First year students can attend 21 of those campuses. The cost of books and supplies are estimated to being around $800 for any of the campuses. Travel expenses are anticipated to be anywhere from $1,200 to $2,400. Dorms and meals are one of the biggest expenses when going away, for an academic year look to spend around $6000.
             Similarly, University of Miami has a similar rate for most costs. Unlike Penn State University, Miami only has one campus. The tuition fee's are a slight more and go around $26,000 this is not including other expenses. However, the costs of books and supplies are similar. The expected cost is around $790. Campus room and board is $8,300 for an academic year. Personal expenses and transportation are around $2,500.

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