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An Educational Visit to the Operation Room

            Days to remember and never will it be forgotten. It was a wish; everyone could wish for and hope it will happen a day. Before choosing my major, I used to tell my parents that this area was my favorite regardless of how hard or tough situations and cases would be, but it was my preference. After choosing to nurse as my major, hope started to develop and get to be a big percentage until reaching medical-surgical course. It all started with this course, where we were assigned to different floors in the hospital. For every floor, its special effect on our selves leaving an impress that will always be remembered. But for this area, it left a mark to be remembered in my whole life. It was really an amazing experience and the most interesting and inspiring involvement in the courses. For instance, most of whom I meet in my daily life, feel jealous at me for that I have the opportunity to go for this area. Enthusiasm filled us and couldn't wait for that day to come. And when it came. Feelings diffused over and the wish on the way to come true. And when the day came to visit our preceptor Miss Hala Dagher for a prep-lab session, which was before the clinical day by one day, the beginning of achieving the wish came closer.
             My group and I prepared ourselves, wore our lab coats, get our stuff and went to the area and asked the security to open the door informing him that we are nursing students and coming to see Miss Hala for our first prep-lab. We wrote our names, he checked our identification cards and opened the door allowing us to enter. Miss Hala was waiting for us beside the station of the area and a big closed door appeared to us. Behind the door was the restricted area where we didn't enter in the prep-lab. She gave us some announcements to encounter for the clinical day about the area and told us that she will be waiting for us tomorrow at 7am maximum by 7:15am. Some announcements were that don't bring your stethoscope, get a small notebook, don't get valuable things, wear comfortable shoes, and get your lab coats so that when you go for a break we should wear it.

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