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The Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS Code 0231)

            The Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist (MOS Code 0231) has, without a doubt one of the most crucial roles in the U.S. Marine Corps. Marine Corps operations are driven by intelligence that is produced from Intelligence Specialists. An individual trying to become and Intelligence Specialist has to go through a thorough selection process and endure rigorous training in order to become a valuable asset in the operational forces. .
             To begin the process of becoming an Intelligence Specialist, one must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and achieve a minimum GT score of 100. Once an individual achieves the required score, he or she will then have to speak with a recruiter and apply for the intelligence field. A preliminary background check is then conducted on said individual to ensure that he or she can obtain a security clearance. After an individual has done the previous mentioned tasks and became a U.S. Marine, said individual will attend a 13 week course at the Navy and Marines Intelligence Training Center on Dam Neck Naval Base in Virginia Beach, VA. .
             Once a Marine has arrived at Dam Neck Naval Base he or she will be briefed on what the course will entail and is assigned to a platoon. The course will explain in detail the work and processes behind the creation of an Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) brief, the mechanisms of a collections sync matrix and the purpose of creating a targeting package. The course requires an individual to study hard and spend long hours preparing their IPB for review by their instructors as well as their fellow students assigned to their platoon. In the first 11 weeks of the course an individual will work in a team of four to six Marines to complete an IPB, collections sync matrix and a targeting package. In week 12 Marines will conduct their final exercise, a continuous weeklong operation that tests the Marines ability to utilize given information and produce applicable intelligence products to aid the given leadership's decision making in an exercise scenario.

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