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Community Service Activities

This is why I thought it would be an easy task to accomplish but boy was I wrong. A pet is one thing, but 48 different animals under one roof needing food, baths, and love is a completely different beast. My community service at the Minot Human Society was filled with cleaning dog cages, stepping in feces, being mauled by one-eyed kittens and breaking up fights between puppies not willing to share their lunch. I am not one to expect special treatment but once again I was struck by something odd. On my journey to building a better community I noticed that I was working with all females. Working with females isn't odd but the way they perceived my every action was. For example, I would go in the cage to feed the 90 pound Pitbull and they would comment on my bravery. I would lift a big bag of kitty litter and they would comment on how strong I was. After 30mins of hard work I was summed to the breakroom by the manager and girls volunteering, then interrogated for the next 3 hours on my plans in life and how long I expected to reside in Minot ND. This was the consistency I was searching for. .
             Thoughts about Service Project.
             Working with Live United was very informative and definitely out of my comfort zone. My purpose was to sell t-shirts to bring awareness to a disease I was not familiar with. Throughout this project, I learned about breast cancer and the brave woman who struggle with it every day. I enjoyed the people I encountered and felt I really brought awareness to the community. One woman I spoke with was frightened for her upcoming mammogram and after speaking with me overcame her fear and was looking forward to receiving great news from her health care provider. I made me feel useful helping a complete stranger overcome fear. Minot Human Society was a great experience as well. There are countless animals who ae abused and left for dead each year. This was an opportunity I will cherish forever.

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