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Staying Connected Through Social Media

But still, Facebook is essentially great for keeping in touch with people or building new relationships. Facebook provides people with a place to keep in touch easily. People use Facebook to communicate with classmates individually to find out things such as assignments due, what was taught during their absence in class, or just to see how they are doing. Wikipedia article states, "Since 2006, anyone age 13 and older has been allowed to become a registered user of Facebook" ("Facebook"). This is the reason Facebook has billions of users because it has people of all ages logged in around the world on a daily basis. Facebook, like any other social media, does have negative observations about communication. Sometimes Facebook members can receive a personal messages and friend requests from strangers or stalkers. However, Facebook privacy settings allow you to block unpleasant people. Facebook has become a cultural product that encourages positive communication. Some individuals view Facebook as a popular distraction being that people spend more time using Facebook than completing activities that hold more value. Today people often tend to use Facebook as a place to escape from feelings instead of communicating those feelings directly. People are now using Facebook to communicate different types of information that consider personal in nature. In society, some believe Facebook is contributing to promoting a culture that values frequent versus meaningful communication.
             Facebook is an influential tool for connecting individuals and concepts. "In today's information-centered society, Internet-based social media and networks are used as tools for online exchange, connections, and communication, allowing users to manage existing relationships while creating new ones" (Ramsaran-Fowdar 74). There can be both a personal and business relationship built through social media.

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