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Training Day analysis paper

             If you were a cop would you be a bad cop or a super cop and try to save the world like all officers? Well, in the drama movie Training Day Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) is Narc (Narcotics Officer) who is set out to be above the law to get what he needs to survive from his stupidity. But his new employee (Jake Hoyt) is being trained to be a wolf on the streets and not a rabbit. Even though Alonzo knew him and Jake were going to be different from each other he still had to go on with what he was set out to do and that's to get he's money to pay of the German's.
             In the next paragraphs you will notice who Alonzo Harris is and why he is different from his new employee in training Jake Hoyt.
             In the movie Training Day Alonzo had lost his head and killed one of the Germans most important men, so he had to pay them a million dollars at midnight of Jake's training day or die. What Alonzo had to do is play above the law and be a worse cop than any other. But the only thing in his way is the want to be super cop Jake Hoyt. In the movie Alonzo had told Jake that he had his day set up from the beginning. But Jake didn"t know he was just someone to be blame for what Alonzo needed to get before midnight. Alonzo tried to explain to Jake that on these streets you have to be the wolf and not the rabbit, you got to know the streets, and not let the streets know you. Alonzo is really telling Jake to be a bad cop because that the only way he's going to survive on these streets. Alonzo actually peer pressured Jake into doing something he did not know. Jake thought it was some marijuana until Alonzo told him it was PCP, Angel dust, etc. By setting up an officer of your own you must be a crooked cop that does not care about any one but Alonzo.
             By Alonzo being a crooked cop made Jake a better cop than he is. This is what made the two different from each other. Jake learned from his mistakes but Alonzo never did.

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