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Taxation of American Colonists by English Parliament

            The English were justified in their actions for their taxations on American colonists for the most part. The colonists were not self-sufficient and therefore relied on Great Britain in many different aspects. The colonists were under Britain rule, and therefore were given all of the freedoms that people in England were given. Of these freedoms, exemption from taxes was not one of them, and therefore it was the colonists" responsibility to pay British taxes, just as everyone else under Britain rule had to. Although the English were right to tax the colonists, they did not have the right to take advantage of them. The British were taxing the colonists on so many things, most of which were not necessary.
             Although the American colonies were wealthy and produced most of the food and goods they needed to survive, they were by no means independent. The colonies relied on the assistance of trade with other countries. The colonists also needed British protection. Without the British they could not defend themselves from the French in Canada. Between 1650 and 1750 British Parliament passed laws that regulated the colonists" trade, and were in the best interest of the British Empire. Britain's goal was to tighten its control over colonial economy. King George III had given the colonists freedom by allowing them to start colonies in America, set up businesses, and trade. In return for this, he simply asked for a share of the colonists' money to come back to Britain. It seems fair that since American colonists were under Great Britain rule that they should have to follow the same rules that anyone else under that rule would have to.
             The colonists had argued that they were not being represented in Parliament, as for the known quote "No taxation without representation". However, the colonists were being represented by their ruler, Great Britain. In the colonists' charter, for them to come to America, the British monarchy kindly gave them protection, and the right to the freedom and liberty that the people living in England got to enjoy.

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