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No taxation without.......

            "No Taxation Without Representation".
             If I had to choose between English or American colonists, I would choose the American colonies, because I wouldn't want to be responsible for the stamp act or the sugar act, and having all the Americans colonies want to violently do something! Also that I wouldn't want to be in the English side is because, I wouldn't want to show like I was higher than the Americans. The act signaled an end to Britain's salutary neglect of its colonies. Now it would deliberately interfere in local matters, disrupting old traditions and accepted customs. Meaning that to change the traditions and making new customs for them. Especially, when the English wanted the tax to be a specific payment, like no paper money, only gold, silver coin. They were very mindful that part of the reason they had fought the American Revolution was to keep a distant government from imposing taxes after an expensive war. No I don't think the English have the right to tax the American colonies, and if they did why did it have to be heavy taxes! They had no representatives in Parliament, they pointed out, and so Parliament had no right to decide what kind of taxes they should pay. I think they did have the right idea of not to pay without representation. In 1770 the growing numbers of Americans were convinced that British politicians were engaged in noting less than deliberate plot to rob them of their personal independence through taxation. This means that they just wanted to take what they had.

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