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Taxation Without Representation

             Did you ever get into that position when someone was making decisions for you? A person would make a decision without telling you or caring about your opinions. If you ever felt that you know what are the results of careless abuse of power and situation. Well you can say that is what happened to the British Colonies. Taxes and acts, were put on colonies without their representation and their knowledge. The freedom that the colonists were promised would be taken away from them peace by peace. One thing after another would be taken away, and that would spur the rebellious hearts of colonists. The statement that the revolutionary war was caused by the taxes that were put on colonies will be will be denied with facts. There wont be a lot on the war, but more on the causes.
             As the East Coast started to grow and flourish, there came to be rules and taxes. The towns started growing and the economy boosted. There were some conflicts with Indian-Americans and British. Boston had the Puritans there; witchcraft trials in Salem village and Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were in Rhode Island. As you can see from this list there are a lot of different opinions and ideas in the American Colonies. There were already conflicts in the past and if there were even more friction things like war and rebellion might have broken out, which happened. British just got out of the civil war and were in desperate need of money, which they would get out of the colonies. Americas were seen as land of easy living and fertile land. .
             To prove the point that the American colonies were going to get out of the British control, I will say that the colonies got a Virginian Charter, which let the colonies to be self-governing. As the government came in the colonies, the power of the purse came in also. The power of the purse gave power to the people, by making the officials pay to come from the people's purses. So if colonists didn't like what was going on in the congress, they would just disagree to pay and get their way.

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