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            The traditional cultural values of Western society are deteriorating under the influences of corporate politics, the commercialization of culture, and the impact of mass media. With society's dependence on television entertainment, it has found itself controlled by the oppressive power of corporate consumerism through both commercials and regularly scheduled programs. The American pubic has been numbed by the unending parade of fabricated television illusions that keeps it preoccupied with the ideals and values of consumerism.
             Consumerism is the myth that the individual will be gratified and fulfilled by consuming. The consumer feels that the buying and owning of commodities will act as a cultural fulfillment, and substitutes media-manipulated products for spiritual rebirth. Unfortunately, in the myth of consumerism, there is no rebirth or renewal. While consumerism offers the goal of owning a product, it lacks the fulfillment of the typical American citizen. Consumerism offers only short-term ego-gratification for those who can afford the luxury and frustration for those who cannot afford the luxury. .
             The public has been easily swayed onto the path of consumerism through the deceptive and clever advertising of mass media. Do Americans realize the lack of morality and humanitarianism in a world based on media image and satisfaction of ownership rather than the meaningful cultural experience of an earlier time period? As America settles into its nightly routine of television viewing, corporate profiteers are quick to substitute the lure of material luxury and consumer gratification for the fading spirit. .
             Consumers are only now beginning to realize the political power they wield as a collective buying force. Union pickets and grassroots economic boycotts have tested the power of the buying force on a small scale. As the public tires of the shallow gratifications and empty promises of consumerism, it will return to large-scale boycotts to control the abusive tactics of corporate policy.

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