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A Mothers Love

             As I was reading the short stories that you assigned, I was thinking about this essay that I would have to write. I felt that the story “In the Gloaming” by Alice Elliot Dark reminded me of another story that I have read before, it is “The Children Stay” by Alice Munro. In both of these stories a mothers’ love is shown; yet it is shown in two very different ways.
             Alice Elliot Dark shows how a mother loves her child by staying with her son until the day that he dies. Janet, the mother, takes care of her son, Laird, when he becomes ill and never leaves his side. While she is with him she keeps him company and learns more about him and what he likes. Martin, the father, on the other hand wants to stay away from him while he is sick. One night Laird tells his mother, “I don’t think Dad can stand to be around me. Poor Dad. He’s is always been such a hypochondriac- we have that in common. He must hate this.” Janet responds by saying, ”He just wants you to get well.” Laird says, “If that is what he wants, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint him again. At least this will be the last time I let him down.”.
             Now in the story “The Children Stay” the mother shows a different kind of love. This story has two small children in it, Caitlin and Mara. Pauline is the girls’ mother and she is there for her children everyday of their lives. Until one day she suddenly decides to leave her husband and her family to go away with another man. When she leaves she calls her husband to check on the children. Pauline talks to Brian, the children’s father, soon after she leaves. When she asks him about her daughters he responds by saying, “The Children Stay.” Pauline does feel a lot of pain when she leaves her children, yet she never stops loving them.
             In both stories the mothers show love for their children.

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