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For the love of mother

             Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner- the boy Paul rides himself to death for the want of a winner to prove that he possesses what his mother considers "luck-: the kind that results in having money. As Lawrence makes it plain for all to see Paul desires something beyond what he has, namely, his mother's love. His moods and behavior became directly linked to his pursuit of "luck- and acquiring money and it is not long before Paul determines that luck is what it takes to win, or rather "earn-, his mother's love.
             Paul is unsatisfied with the status quo. He knows instinctively that something is terribly wrong in his family's household. He is deeply affected by the disturbed home environment and by the fact that he is not part of a loving environment which is so essential to the nurturing of his development. Nobody appears to care for anyone in this dysfunctional family and despite appearances to the contrary, it is a very unhappy home. .
             In addition to this there is terrible pressure building in their home. The unwelcome presence takes the form of "whispers-, "There must be more money!- But is that the problem, lack of money? There was money, but because his parent's were determined to live well beyond their means, whatever their means, the result was there was never enough money. Being a little boy, Paul doesn't understand most of this, but he knows his mother does not love him, his sisters, or his father. His mother is a terribly unhappy woman apparently incapable of loving because of her intense dissatisfaction with her lack of financial success and fulfillment of her pursuits. To compensate her children for her self-acknowledged lack of love for them, Hester lavishes considerable material possessions on them. However, all the toys and gifts, and later tutors, pressed upon Paul could not compensate for the great void in his life-- the love he covets from his mother. He needs her love to nourish him, but she is too unhappy and incapable of giving it.

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