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Robert Frost - Long Essay

            Robert Frost was one of the many great poets of his time, a man who struggled for such achievement and has suffered such loss in his family. Born in San Francisco, California, 26 March 1874 and named after the confederate general, Robert E. Lee, we know him today as Robert Lee Frost. A poet's belief and values and those of the reader influence the ways in which a person might read a poem. Robert Lee Frost just so does this with his poems Mending Wall, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and The Road Not Taken, in which he reflects parts of his beliefs and values such as that of his personal context, social context and economical context.
             The poet's personal context such as that of Robert Frost influence the way in which a person might read a poem. Look at the poem Mending Wall, the poem focuses on the sides of conflict building and tearing down the wall which divides then apart. The meaning of Mending Wall to the poet, Robert Frost, is rural and agricultural attention in which he takes an interest in from his days as a farmer. The poem could be related to a real life situation in which Robert Frost has encountered or simply an influence from his interests and the events of the First World War.
             "We ware our fingers rough with handling the.
             Oh, just another kind of outdoor game,".
             Within this quote signifies the conveying in enjoyment of rural activities, it being mindless and pointless, used as a distraction from reality, referring to his family in which misfortune after misfortune occurs, in addition to his economical insecurities in life. To the reader of 21st century context, it is simpler yet more complex. Simple being a poem of the east and west side of conflict during the First World War, where one does not trust the other and in return to the persona's request of trust, the neighbour replies, .
             "Good fences make good neighbours.".
             More complex as seen with one wanting to build the wall back up at "spring mending time", but he is also the one persuading the neighbour.

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