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Trust, Honesty and Credibility in the Work Place

            Trust, Honesty and Credibility in the Work Place.
             In the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, trust is defined as- 1 a: to place confidence: DEPEND b: to be confident: HOPE .
             2: to sell or deliver on credit transitive senses1 a: to commit or place in one's care or keeping ENTRUST b: to permit to stay or go or to do something without fear or misgiving 2 a: to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of: BELIEVE b: to place confidence in rely on c: to hope or expect confidently.
             There are many forms of trust:.
             Lateral - trust relations among peers or equals.
             Vertical - trust relations between a supervisor and subordinate.
             External - trust relations between an organization and its clients or suppliers.
             The lateral trust involves your fellow employees; they need to know that they can depend on you if ever the time should come. This involves doing things that they aren't around for or able to do- in other words you are standing in for them, taking their place. The way to build their trust on you is to show them that you know all there is to know about the subject. This means jumping at opportunities to do things that they don't think you're ready for and you proving them wrong.
             Vertical trust involves your supervisor and subordinate. The word subordinate is defined as:.
             1: placed in or occupying a lower class, rank, or position: INFERIOR .
             2: submissive to or controlled by authority.
             This means that whether you're a manger or have a manager trust is still an issue. As a manager you want your employees to know that you are behind them 100 percent. In building a relationship of trust you in turn build a better work place. If you are an employee that has a supervisor it is the same way. You want your manager to know that you are dependable, having this relationship of trust with them could lead to promotions and/or better pay for your work qualities.
             External trust involves relations between an organization and its clients or suppliers.

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