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The Birth of America

            England founded the New World thinking that it would be nothing but success. They thought that their belief systems and political issues would mimic their world, but independence was gained by England's mistakes. The development of American society was influenced by salutary neglect, which lead to an undeveloped government, the lack of enforcement within the trading system, and extended freedom within the churches.
             With the attitude of money could solve all the problems, conflicts arose within the church. The Anglican Church was very unpopular with the people. No one wanted to be apart of it because of its strict rules and belief systems. People of the town didn't want to follow certain rules and regulations, so they simply stopped attending. Attendance records went down and attending church became very unpopular. Leaders began to sprout out within the communities. Those leaders went onto form their own churches and religions. They wanted more religious freedom among the town. The Anglican Church split to become two different denominations with completely different belief systems. .
             When England drew itself back into the picture of the New World, traditional beliefs were trying to be enforced by the Church of England. This sudden enforcement was not liked among the people of the New World. They wanted religious freedom from the Church of England, but England was not willing to budge from their original beliefs and traditions. They wanted the church and political systems to be one so that the church ministers would also be leaders of the government. The people of the New World did not like this idea, hence the rebellion against the church. England tried to push their beliefs back onto the people, but the battle was already won. The Church of England failed with their attempts and religious freedom that was gained in the new World, changed the lives of many human beings forevermore. .
             The neglect of the basic functions of the government was not accidental.

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