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Birth Control-An Overview

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             "About what, we don't go together anymore?-.
             Everyday another young girl is finding out that she is pregnant and telling their partner. Why are more and more young girls becoming pregnant now days? Due to the lack of birth control. These young girls are either unaware or incorrectly using birth control and not thinking about the possible consequences. They are decreasing their chances of going to college, traveling, or achieving their goals in life. Instead, they are increasing the possibility of becoming pregnant or getting an STD or disease, of which neither they are mentally, physically, or economically ready to handle. Birth control has become a very important part in teenagers' lives across the world because they are choosing to become sexually active at young ages. Without birth control more and more young girls especially and women will continue to have babies that they are more than likely not able to care for. Through using birth control more young girls will be able to become the doctors, lawyers, and corporat!.
             e business women that they were meant to be without the set back of having had children to early. Birth control is now more important then ever. In order to stop the production of unwanted children, overpopulation, and poverty birth control must be used and used correctly. This report contains information that all women young and old need to know about birth control- its history, different options, and how it is done around the world.
             The earliest uses of birth control can be found in the "Ebers Medical papyrus, a medical guide written between 1550 and 1500BC- (Birth Control). Birth control has been in existence for thousands of years and across cultures. Past cultures have used things such as "dried crocodile dung and honey as vaginal suppositories; a fiber tampon moistened with an herbal mixture of acacia, dates, colocynth, and honey to prevent pregnancy; and various substances to prevent pregnancy or induce miscarriage- (Birth Control).

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