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Harry potter

             Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix.
             I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This amazingly magical book focuses on so many different themes. One great theme of this book is love, because Harry Potter was blessed with such an incredible love by being accepted into the magical world. Another awesome theme is the trust between Harry, Hermoine and Ron, because they always stick together no matter what and defend each other to the fullest. There are also many hidden secrets in this big magical world of Harry's. Some so horrible to mention, some so dark and deep into the past of the magical world, that they are almost never talked about. Last but not least is the FEAR of Voldemort, the whole magical world has a strange perception of this mass killer.
             First, I think love is most important in this book, because without it friendships could break up because there is no slight care about the other person. But in this book you can tell that Harry and Hermoine have a bond a little different from his and Ron's, but nothing too romantic. When Harry was going to fail his O.W.L.'s (wizard tests), Hermoine was there to pull him through like the truest friend she could be. She pushed him to his greatest achievement by defeating Voldemort for the sorcerers stone a year back. She gave him strength and courage, just as any true friends do. When you are a friend in need and you have someone that is almost more than a friend, like a brother, you would be upset if they let you down. Then you would feel rejected, or in other words unloved. When you love some one, you expect a certain trust from them, and if the trust is broken the love has somewhat disappear.
             Second, trust is very important especially in this book because the Order of the Phoenix is a secret order. If people knew about the order, Voldemort might be able to take over the magical world. If that happened the whole world would be hit with so much magic from the dark arts that the world would be turned over with mass destruction.

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