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On Smoking

            If you were to talk to a smoker about the subject of smoking they would most likley try to .
             convince you smoking isn't harmful, or the facts about its effects were also wrong. .
             It is clearly harmful, and their claims seem to only be a way to try and justify it, and forget for .
             a second how much damage the cigerette smoke is doing. The "truth" commercials at least.
             present the true facts out in the open so at least someone thinking about smoking will .
             be somewhat adament. However such commericals and warning have little or no affect .
             on those presently habitually smoking. The positive affects of smoking cigrettes to the .
             general public are seeminly unkown. In fact most smokers say they started because all of .
             their friends were doing it. There is no real reason for starting, it is just the trendy thing.
             to do these days, and secondary it is a way to fit into certain "groups". One would think .
             a person would have other people skills to make friends without doing something just to .
             be accepted. Now that smoking is becoming more and more prohibited in restaurants,.
             work places, and etc. you will many times see a whole group of people outside lighting .
             up their cigrettes, now days not only do people abstain from smoking they don't even .
             want to be subjected to the second hand smoke, which is understandable. Adults shouldn't .
             smoke around their children since they are forced to take in the second hand smoke before.
             they are even at the age to decide if smoking is a choice they wish to make. The prohibition.
             of cigrettes seem to be nowhere in sight. The big tobacco companies make billions each year.
             from addicted smokers, patches such as Nicorette which when applied to the arm are believed.
             to make cravings less intense also make millions, in the way that a person is likely to buy the .
             patch and still at some point start smoking all over again.
             The large group of people who don't smoke realize the uselessness of forcing the .

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