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            Before discussing a topic, I think that it is important to begin by defining that topic. When I asked myself what the word PREJUDICE means, my first thought was to look up the word in the dictionary. Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines PREJUDICE as "Preconceived judgment or decision; unreasonable predilection or objection; especially, an opinion or leaning adverse to anything without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge."" Once I found its definition, I still had to look up several words used in that definition. After doing that, I came to the conclusion that PREJUDICE means "mistreating and having a wrong/negative attitude toward someone because of their race, their looks, or their lifestyle. I think that prejudice comes from people not understanding something about someone else and then attacking them because of their differences because they (the person showing prejudice-ness) do not understand. It seems as though people are quicker to attack something/someone they don't understand instead of taking the time to try to learn about and understand that person or thing.
             There are many types or forms of prejudice ".
             • Anti-Semitism. A form of prejudice against Jews, ranging from dislike to violent hatred. Before the 19th cent., anti-Semitism was largely religious and was expressed in the later Middle Ages by sporadic persecutions and expulsions "notably the expulsion from Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella "and in severe economic and personal restrictions. However, since Jews were generally restricted to the pursuit of occupations that were taboo, such as money lending, the sentiment was also economic in nature. .
             • Stigmatization. To characterize or brand with a mark or token of infamy, disgrace, or reproach.
             • Racism. A belief that that a particular race is superior to others. .
             • Sexism. Discrimination based on gender.

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