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The Perfect Image

             The Perfect Image .
             During the 1800's, there was a specific image that was appealing to society. If a person was not a model of that image, he/she was immediately outcast by society. Certain stereotypes were placed on people with disabilities or deformities, and others on people who didn't own a lot of land or didn't have much money. Such cruelty was placed on these beings that they were sometimes executed or exiled in some cases. Frankenstein's creature is one such example of this cruelty. His monstrosities and ugliness made him feared by all who laid eyes upon him. While the Creature may have been capable of kindness and generosity on the inside, he was seen through the eyes of many as an ugly, demoniacal monster, who would have been stereotyped and outcast if living the life of a civilian in the 1800's.
             Through the eyes of the author, the reader sees two different sides to the Creature. The side on which he can be benevolent and the side that wants to destroy every living object in his path. Over time, he develops into a demon, destroying everything of worth to Victor Frankenstein. "But I discovered no trace of him and was beginning to conjecture that some fortunate chance had intervened to prevent the execution of his menaces when suddenly I heard a shrill and dreadful scream. It came from the room into which Elizabeth had retired. As I heard it, the whole truth rushed into my mind, my arms dropped the motion of every muscle and fiber was suspended; I could feel the blood trickling in my veins, and tingling in the extremities of my limbs" (Shelley, pg. 173). It is believed that his lack of love and nourishment caused him to become so cruel. On one occasion when the Creature was taking a walk, he was shot in the shoulder for saving a young boys life. Why such a harsh response to a good deed? The act was most certainly committed out of fear because of the Creatures ugliness, deformities, and reputation.

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