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Total recall

             He is fine for shallow, idiotic movies where his most complex line is "Hasta la vista," but not for governor of California. In announcing that he was running for governor of California on the television on Aug. 6, the only reason Schwarzenegger could give was because the Golden State had apparently "deteriorated." He showed no understanding of the complications behind California's budget problems.
             Also, Schwarzenegger could not articulate what he would do as governor beyond "pumping up" Sacramento, whatever that meant. His announcement on comedian Jay Leno's show would be funny, if there was not so much at stake. .
             Only one day on the campaign, and already Republicans are calling Schwarzenegger a liar. .
             Schwarzenegger has no political record, records show that he has not placed a vote in mote than 5 years. Why should we trust this millionaire for an important political position when he has no political track record? Someone with all the money he needs can be a Perot-like dictator, not a politician who has to learn the fine art of fine compromise. .
             Then there are still the rumors about his extramarital affairs and marital problems. On the other hand, at least Schwarzenegger has owned up to his steroid and marijuana use, but he's still another hypocritical Republican who goes around telling kids to stay off drugs, something he didn't do. .
             Another reason to recall Schwarzenegger is that it's doubtful that he will be a full time governor, since he has apparently admitted to sexual assault, apologizing for his actions against women that have reported him, it looks like he will be spending a good amount of time keeping busy with time consuming legal matters which are irrelevant to his job as governor. Before we have to endure a political career that could be worse than Reagan or Bush, we need to put an end to these pranks and stupidity. We need to say, "Hasta la vista, baby," to Arnold.

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