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Recall Elections

            If you ponder the democratic society of today, how every person is integral to the whole, it is easy to see that recall elections can be beneficial for society. A recall election is the removal of an elected official from office before his term is over. A recall election needs two parts completed in order to become successful. The office holder being recalled from office is the actual recall, and finding a replacement for the recalled official is the candidate election. When both work out, recall elections are most beneficial for a democratic society.
             Recall elections are brought up and decided by the citizens of that community. Democracy allows citizens to hold power in accounting if the elected official should be removed. An exception to the peoples" power would be the power of congress. Both houses of congress have power to impeach if necessary. For a recall election, "Soveignty is in the hands of the people." (Mr. O"Neill, 9/4 notes).
             Recall elections are very hard to find in the United States today. They are rarely used in America and that's due to lack of knowledge. In a United States survey, over 50% of Americans didn't know what a recall election was (History Learning). If more Americans knew about them, they would probably occur too often. Instead of being beneficial they would become a disaster to society. There are a couple reasons for this. The first main reason is that a recall election can be brought up for a very small reason. The elected official does not have to commit a crime to be recalled. Very commonly a tax increase or emotional breakdown can cause a recall election. In 1984, a small .
             Michigan community put together a recall election due to a tax increase. Because of a strong effort from every individual, they won (Initiative and Referendum Institute). This recall election was very beneficial to the small Michigan community. The other reason why recall elections could become disastrous if they became more common is time.

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